Sarita Colonia. Peruvian folk saint

El Niño Compadrito. A mummified child venerated as a Folk Saint in Cuzco, Peru.


7th Annual Mexico City Alebrije Parade

About 250 giant alebrijes, name for the brightly colored sculptures first created by folk artist Pedro Linares in the 1930s, marched down the streets of Mexico City on Saturday as part of the 7th Annual Desfile de Alebrijes Monumentales sponsored by the Museo de Arte Popular.

Photos via Instagram users Gabriela AG, Alberto Contreras, neptuno11, Andrés Moreno, Paulina Madrazo, Cynthia Martinez; Twitter user Edwin Duarte.

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Oh sí, all throwing jeños, hahaha…
The way both of my boys do plaid 👽💚


Tibetan Ceremonial Skulls.

Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism uses human bones and skulls in particular for a number of rituals and ceremonies. The skulls can be simply carved or also decorated with silver, bronze and semi-precious stones. A whole skull is called a “yama”, while a cup obtained from the upper half of it is called a “kapala”.

Yamas are used to take a curse off a family or to guide souls in the nether world. They get their name from the Hindu god of death Yama.

Kapalas are usually filled with offerings of wine and dough (in the shape of ears, eyes and tongues), symbolising the blood and flesh, in order to pacify angry deities. They are also used in rituals aimed at obtaining spiritual enlightenment. 




How we say “feliz cumple; we love you” in my family…

Tres leches para geronimo-garcia


Pedro Meyer, El Azteca

La Villa, Ciudad de México,

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Black velvet painting I just finished. I’ll post a proper pic shortly.


I shot this during a parade in Guanajuato this past Sunday, thought I’d share!

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