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Indigenous activist in Guatemala. His sign reads: “When the government robs, it is business. When Indigenous reclaim, it is violence.”


Welcome To America…

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“We are going to rise up to overthrow the supreme governments, to overthrow corrupt officials, to throw all the rich and powerful out of this country and begin building a new Mexico with humble, simple people.”
-Subcomandante Marcos

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José Gaudalupe Posada


Maria Sabina, la sacerdotisa del hongo alucinógeno.


On Thursday the boys and I went to Bandelier National Monument for some New Mexican family time in the sun.

There, we hiked up to check out the amazing Anasazi ruins and get our nature on. We got lots of exercise, hung out in the cliff dwellings to eat and leave some fruit for the ancestors, collected some beautiful things from the earth, and just spent time harassing each other as usual, hahaha.

If you’ve never been there, I definitely recommend it!

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